Online banking with SBI – easy and useful 10 minute guide

Online Banking with SBI online has to be the brightest light for the SBI net banking customers. SBI online provides every type of banking services on sbi net banking. User can check their bank balance, Make transactions, Transfer money, apply for ATM, Check Statement and many more things from online banking with SBI online India. No need to visit bank branch physically.

If you are new to online sbi and still exploring how it works then this is the right place for you. In this article we will guide you to login to your sbi account, Check balance, make transactions and more. Let us know if you want to learn more about sbi net banking. State bank of India online banking personal is for Individuals and SBI net banking corporate for organizations.

Steps to Login to your account for online banking with SBI

Basic step to use online banking with SBI is to first login to sbi net banking. Following is the Step by Step procedure to login to your SBI online is given below.

  • Go to for login to SBI, It is an official website of state bank of India for online banking for SBI.
  • Click on “Login” under the personal banking in SBI to login to SBI.

online banking with sbi

  • On the next page click on “Continue to Login” to login to SBI

personal banking

  • On the next page you will be asked to provide your sbi online username and password. You also need to enter the Captcah same as shown in the box and then Click “Login” to login to SBI.

Login to sbi netbanking

  • You will be successfully login to SBI online account/sbi net banking.

Steps to Check your balance from online banking with SBI

Let us give you an overview of the interface on the Homepage of State bank of India online banking personal. It very easy to use and very much handy. But you need to make sure that you know what you are doing. Lets get along with it:

  • Registered SBI online users can login to SBI in their account using username and password.
  • Once a user login to their account they shall be looking at a page of personal banking in SBI similar to the page shown in pic below

online sbi balance

  • On this sbi net banking page click on the section “Account summary” and then on the “Click here for balance” to check their account balance.
  • If you click on “Click here for last 10 transactions” you will be able to see recent summary of statements showing your bank transactions.
  • On the same page, you can see a section named “Payments / Transfers” in blue colored bar above. This sections is used for making transactions to other accounts via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS etc.
  • In the same blue colored bar,  “e-services” section allows you to apply/activate/deactivate ATM cards. It will also allow you to link your aadhar card through sbi online. Personal banking in SBI provides you many other services apart from mentioned above.

Online money transfer from online banking with SBI

Obviously everyone need to transfer money to other accounts and receive money from others in their account. Through online SBI net banking you can send or receive money from following methods:

  • National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) – maximum limit 10 lakhs
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) – minimum 2 lakh and maximum 10 lakh limit
  • Immediate payment service (IMPS) – maximum 2 lakh limit
  • Digital wallets
  • Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

You can search on the internet for these payment methods for online banking with sbi if you want to understand the details. For state bank of India online banking personal following are the general steps to make money transfer after you login to SBI.

  • Add beneficiary account for online banking with sbi net banking to which money has to be sent (In case of NEFT and RTGS)
  • To add a beneficiary you will need his/her account details such as account number, Name and IFSC code
  • Once a beneficiary is added on sbi net banking, money can be transferred to their account at any time
  • Click on “Payment / Transfer” tab, a drop down list will open as shown in figure
  • Click on the relevant option, in case you are doing money transfer to a account in other bank then you have to choose “Other bank transfer” and if the bank is same you have to select “Account of others – within SBI” and so on

online money transfer sbi

  • On the next page you will need to select the type of transaction such as NEFT and RTGS etc. and Click “Proceed”
  • On the next page select the account from which the money will be transferred. Also enter the amount and purpose

online sbi money transfer

  • After that choose the beneficiary account to which the money will be transferred. One can even schedule the transfer. Check the terms and conditions and then Click “Submit”
  • On the next page verify all the details and Click “Confirm”
  • On the next page you need to enter a high security One Time Password sent to your mobile number and then click “Confirm”. SBI net banking uses OTP OR profile password verification method.
  • A confirmation page will open indicating successful transaction through personal banking in SBI

We hope you liked this post on online banking with sbi. Note that above information is valid for sbi online India and for overseas too for state bank of India online banking personal. Let us know if this was helpful for you. Let us know what else you want to us to post about.

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